Our Activities

The foundation acts as a catalyst and interface between the industries and the premier Indian institutions where our focus is about setting short- or mid-term to long term goals on product development in various areas of industrial research while working closely with our partners and stakeholders. Our technology focus strategy enables organizations / stakeholders to offer to their customers products that feature best-in-class performance along certain parameters and become globally competitive. The idea is to promote real data driven research on Indian economics and financial wellbeing. Present key focus area is described below:

1. Application of Electronics and Computation: Artificial Consciousness ( AI / ML / Data Science)

2. Sustainable Development in Mechanical and Civil Engineering

3. Application of Agriculture and Biotechnological output

4. Application of Electrical, Energy and Instrumentation Sciences

5. Develop product driven social science research

6. Conduct and promote data driven evidential output

7. Promote sustainable economy and wealth distribution.

The list of focus area are reviewed periodically and the Projects may need to encompass more than one of these specialisations. This cater to various sectors from healthcare, energy and industry, education & livelihood, rural development & water management, environment & climate change, sustainable and digital world etc.

The foundation is dedicated to provide the customized R&D, product innovation, reengineering and technology innovation. Our professional framework facilitates individuals or organisations to express their requirement / demand and receive an effective solution from us. Our well-defined structured approach is guided by an experienced leadership team which enables creation of economic value from R&D efforts and help to build intellectual property.

Our services cater to the following major areas:

Application development in Electronics & Computation in Artificial Consciousness, IOT etc.
Application Development in Mechanical & Civil Engineering for sustainable environment.
Application development for agriculture and biotechnological output and efficiency.
Application developmental in Electrical & Instrumentation. We promote data driven approach.
Application developmental on data driven social science research. We promote data driven evidential output.
Promoting 'real' data driven research on Indian economics, financial wellbeing, sustainable economy & wealth distribution.

We work in a unique concept of open platform which facilitates multi-disciplinary teams for co-innovation. Institutional research scholars are engaged as resources for productization of their research and collaborate with professionals from Industries with periodic input and feedback during the cycle of product development. All the research projects will be designed to have a logical outcome in a targeted time frame with agreed milestones within the budgeted cost.

The working model is an online based platform or in other wards an interface hub for innovation / R&D management and collaboration where the premier Indian Institutions, research bodies and industries work in collaboration with the ultimate aim of a quality product and process development. Our working R&D model is based on mapping and marrying the supply side process from the research institutions with the industrial or societal demand driven processes. Research ideas are encouraged from stakeholders which are scanned and sorted at regular interval and the best ideas will be accepted after doing the techno-commercial due diligence. Co-creation of business values is achieved through working in harmony through various stages from creation of the proposal to actual execution. The workflows for operational model as well as R&D models are depicted below:

Our objective is to develop product and process with customised research and in the process deliver the industrial innovations as an extended arm of Indian premier institutes. We engage multidisciplinary resources to deliver sustainable products, processes and services, create IP and co-host with institutions / corporates. We have a plan to build “Scholar Lab Research Institute” which will institutionalize the endeavour and develop institutional membership with international professional bodies and societies.

Training and Workshop is the key area of focus of Scholarlab Foundation. We promote participation of common people in persuasion of higher education, R&D and entrepreneurship. We are in a mission to reach common people with an easy as well as affordable means for education. In our regular practices we shall conduct research, we shall conduct Design & Development. We will create industry ready product for business. In this process of value creation, from Research to Product development and from Product manufacturing to End customer, it needs lot of training and workshop to accomplish the integration R&D with the Entrepreneurship. Hence Training and Workshop is the most important activities we are promoting.