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Scholar Lab Foundation is a “Not for Profit” Organisation formed by a group of IITians to work as an extended arm of premier Institutions to facilitate productive research and bridge the gap between Institutional framework and the Industrial requirement. The idea is to develop the products for the market with a focus on value for customers, betterment of the society and overall growth of the company to pave the way for self-reliance/ Attmanirbhar Bharat under Make in India Initiative. ScholarLab Foundation website shall not be used for any other business purpose. The payment gateway shall only be used for collecting donations.

ScholarLab Foundation can’t take donation from any illegal organizations, any religious fanatic organizations and or from a person with a convicted background. The organization can’t receive any money from the foreign donner till 2024.

Utilization of donation is to promote and execution of product Development and associated research work. The organization is into holding seminar, conference and other academic activities.

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